Attorney Mark Rosenfeld’s Opinion on Use of Uber Service Leading to Decrease in DUI Deaths in California

Attorney Mark Rosenfeld comments on an article in about research claiming Uber services lead to a decrease in DUI deaths.

Rey Hennessey’s report on Uber and other ride sharing services lowering the rate of DUI homicides brings to light that there are options for people who go out on the town and drink too much to drive. Everyone agrees that drinking too much and driving is a bad idea. And everyone knows that if you do drink and drive, there is the risk that someone may be killed. We actually run that risk every time we get behind the wheel but the danger and likelihood go up with the more alcohol you have in your system. Hennessey’s report points out that the more drinking and driving that takes place, the more death occurs.  The report points out that Uber, ride-sharing, and taxis can go a long way in reducing injuries and deaths related to drinking and driving. The key is to Uber or taxi when you leave your house for the evening. By doing this one simple act, you cut off your ability to drive, leaving Uber after drinking the only real option left. Uber can even be faster, cheaper, and easier than driving yourself.

It is far better to have Uber or a taxi drive who is sober than to drive impaired yourself. The next obstacle is to make sure the Uber and taxi drivers are safe, trustworthy and insured. It is in everyone’s best interest to lower the deaths from alcohol-related driving and lower the number of deaths, injuries, and accidents in all driving.

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