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Disclaimer: These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

“Just wanted to write a quick note thanking you for everything. You really are incredible and thank you for making it work out.”


“In my opinion, the way that Mark handled my case, I would not have wanted anyone else Period! I did consult a few other attorneys before I got to Mark, but I knew he was the guy and the rest is history! I would wholeheartedly recommend Mark Rosenfeld to anyone looking for a good attorney!”

Joe P.

San Fernando Courthouse
(DUI dismissed, DMV Set-Aside charges. Reduced to Speed Exhibition)

“This is great news! Thank you again, Mark, for all of your help – I can’t imagine going through this without it.”

N. R.

“All I would say is he is Mr. DUI LA! He represents from the beginning to the end and beyond. No one wants to go into an experience like this; Mark will do his very best to get you through the experience.”

Angela H.

“DUIs can be scary! I would then explain it’s not the end of the world and if they want someone to handle their case then to talk to Mark Rosenfeld. They won’t regret it.

Oliver C.

“He took a stressful situation off of my hands and dealt with it for me; all I have had to do is pay him a fair price for his representation. I haven’t had to appear in court or at a DMV hearing yet, and he along with his staff have kept me current with any new news or information they get regarding my case.”

Adam C.

“He was very informative on my case and all the possibilities. He explained all my options and made sure I was up to date on the case. Very helpful and will definitely recommend him to others.”

Daniel R.

“I would definitely recommend Mark and his associates to anybody who might find themselves in an unfortunate situation because I think that he really tries to help his clients. I actually had another lawyer prior to Mark, but he stopped contacting me after I had paid him the first part. This is when I found Mark and he kept in contact with me through the entire time and answered all the million questions I had. I never once had to step foot in court. I felt so relieved and safe when everything was done. When hiring these amazing lawyers, you’re definitely in good hands.”

Geraldine M.

“I would describe Mark as the ideal attorney to represent me in my case. He always made sure I was well-informed and aware of all aspects of my situation, while being consistently caring and supportive.”

Leigh F.

“I would recommend him to a friend. I felt they cared for me as a client and wanted to do well for my own well-being rather than just their reputation.”

Lauren T.

“Mark did a great job representing me. He is very knowledgeable in his field and would be a great person to have on your side. He made me feel so much better after talking to him for just a few short minutes. I would recommend Mark to anyone who might need his services.”

Chris M.

“Mark is a smart and reliable attorney. I felt confident after a meeting with him and felt our problems could be resolved. Soon enough, everything was taken care of. I had great confidence in Mark’s words and opinions.”

Zach E.

“Mark Rosenfeld is extremely prepared and knowledgeable. I truly do appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I will make sure to refer anyone, friend or family member, in the same unfortunate situation. Thank you, Mark.”

Mario L.

“Mark Rosenfeld is the absolute best DUI representation in Los Angeles! Throughout this terribly confusing situation, there was always one person that I could count on – Mr. DUI! I never make recommendations to friends and family, but I make exceptions when it comes to Mark. I would be doing a disservice not to pass his information along to a friend or family member in trouble.”

David B.

“The DUI was stressful and scary. Being represented by Mr. DUI LA and his associates made it manageable. They kept me updated throughout the whole process. They gave me choices and worked in a way that made me feel comfortable. Amazing guys and great lawyers!”

Christina S.

“Very comfortable with him representing me and would definitely recommend him. He is very genuine, knowledgeable and approachable.”

Aileen S.

“Very informative, professional and friendly. Always kept me informed with my case – great communication and would definitely recommend to others.”

Adrian T.

“Working with Mark was a very good experience. He is really such a nice guy that seems to truly care about getting you back to your normal life as soon as possible. In my case he proved that I was not guilty of a DUI but of a lesser traffic infraction. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends.”

Jamie T.

“Mark was my first call when my friend called me from jail, having just spent the night there after being taken in for a DUI. From that phone call (because I had no idea even what the first step was), he walked me through every step until he left jail and then walked my friend through every next step after that. A consummate professional, Mark will always be my first call.”


“Mark Rosenfeld helped me out of a situation that seemed insurmountable. During one of the worst times of my life, he was there to support me and to walk me through the process. I am extremely grateful to him for his common sense and passion.”

A DUI Client

“Mark is an attorney you can trust and count on. He is a true professional that will give you the best advice and guide you through the legal process. He will fight for his clients’ rights. He had been our attorney in a number of traffic violations and has been successful on our behalf. Thank you, Mark.”


“Mark is the consummate professional. He has helped me out of a sticky situation in a very professional manner. I highly recommend his law offices if you are in need of an attorney you can count on.”


“I would like to thank you for checking in on me and my situation. I really appreciate that you’re willing to reach out. It shows that you genuinely care even when you’re under no obligation to.”

Garry P.

“I am so grateful to find Mark Rosenfeld and his associate Anton Labrentz. The two of them took the time to meet with me and explain, step by step, what the process was that I would be facing when it came to my DUI. After meeting with a few attorneys, I decided to hire Mark and Anton. Their assistant sent me the paperwork the same day (which cured some of my anxiety because then I was able to get a stay on my license suspension). It took many months, but I am happy with the results of my case. I know Mark and Anton did everything they could for me and actually cared about the outcome of my case. I also appreciate their prompt replies whenever I had questions. Thanks, guys!”

A DUI Client

“Thank you so much for your assistance, Mark. I will be sure to refer anyone I know that goes through the same unfortunate situation to you with the highest praise for the work you performed. Thanks again.”


“We are so grateful for your help!”


“November 2012, I was stopped for a possible texting while driving. I was pulled aside, thrown in jail and my drama started. My breathalyzer was 0.07/0.08. When I left the jail, I was so, so upset. I had gotten one ticket in my life for driving 8 miles over the limit years ago, and my record was totally clear. I did not understand the process because I never had to understand the process. I got lucky and found Mark Rosenfeld. It was a Sunday when I called him so I assumed he couldn’t meet with me, but I got a return phone call immediately and he changed his plans after hearing how upset I was. WHO DOES THAT? He spent a few hours with me on Sunday, and I hired him before I left.

Mark truly defends you and your integrity! He was always available for phone calls and explanations, and I called him a lot.

In regards to my case, it was not the easiest, but Mark would not give up. He went to court six times over six months because he would not accept anything less than the best possible outcome. He was able to secure that positive outcome.

I am grateful to Mark for his knowledge, his passion and his commitment to helping his clients. I fear that since this is a very easy ticket for police to give out, it is only going to get worst. If you get stopped and ticketed for a DUI, STOP and CALL MARK ROSENFELD.

This is a man who knows the law, understands the system and most importantly will work for you.”


“After submitting a 0.15 (BAC) breath test and a 0.16 blood test, I thought there was no way I could beat the DUI charge against me. Mark was constantly in touch with me about what was happening throughout the duration of my case. He was easy to get a hold of and encouraged me to ask any and all questions I had. He always had a game plan and a back up plan when things turned. After all was said and done, Mark argued my DUI down to ‘Exhibition of Speed’. Thank you, Mark!”


“After searching for DUI lawyer, I found Mark! It happened the weekend of Super Bowl Sunday of 2011. I left a message for Mark and he immediately returned my call while at a Super Bowl party; he stepped away from the party to listen to my situation. Needless to say, I was more than impressed. I met him the following week for a consultation, and he was hired! I made him work for his money, but in the end he got me what I wanted. He always kept me informed of everything that was going on and advised me on the best options. I knew without a doubt he had my best interest at heart. I have recommended him to others and truly believe he has done the best job! I can’t say enough good things about Mark. If you want to achieve the best results, HIRE MARK!!! You will not be disappointed.”


“I just wanted to say thank you for all you did on my case! I am pleased with the outcome and can’t thank you enough.”

J.A., Culver City

“Mark, I sincerely want to thank you for representing me and doing your best to help see me through this difficult time. Thank you.”

D.J., Los Angeles

“I’m so glad, thankful, & grateful! Thank you so much for helping me with my case and for being so patient with me. I truly do appreciate everything you’ve done thus far!”

M.S., Downy

“Mark, the extra effort and high level of expertise you provided for me will never be forgotten!”

R.M. (1st time DUI dismissed)

“I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude to you for your hard work and efforts you provided to us in this trying time. I also wanted to commend you on your utmost professionalism and the honesty and friendship you extended to Robert. It’s difficult to find people, especially in this business, that conduct themselves with integrity and thank you for that.”

F.M., Eagle Rock

“I owe Mark a great deal of gratitude. His legal savvy and forward thinking led to a dismissal of charges against me. His credibility with the court and the prosecutors really helped expedite the dropping of all charges against me. He always does what is in the best interest of his clients.”

J.M., Chino

“When I was arrested for DUI, I didn’t know what I was going to do. Attorney Mark Rosenfeld handled everything for me. He fought to keep my license and got the DUI charges dismissed even though I was over the legal limit.”

C.V., Pasadena

“Mr. Rosenfeld was my attorney, defending me on a possible DUI ticket. I found that Mr. Rosenfeld was extremely prepared and knowledgeable regarding the law and the circumstances that developed during my stop, arrest and eventual court case. Due to Mr. Rosenfeld’s professionalism, his research and experience, I was acquitted of all counts. I would highly recommend Mr. Rosenfeld to anyone in need of a ‘WELL-QUALIFIED’ Defense Attorney. ”

R.B., Redondo Beach

Disclaimer: These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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