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Attorney Mark Rosenfeld provides the highest level of legal representation for people charged with DUI in Culver City. His unique approach is to recognize that each DUI case has specific circumstances that affect every defensive decision to be made. He also understands that being convicted of a DUI offense is a serious issue, and it affects every individual’s life differently.

If the case is not handled properly, it can make daily activities you take for granted, such as maintaining employment, very difficult. Attorney Mark Rosenfeld believes in achieving the best possible solution for every case by making use of the right defense. He has been very successful in mitigating the adverse consequences of a DUI and whenever possible, having charges dismissed outright. He treats his clients with respect, and he understands and is sensitive to how a DUI conviction can affect his clients negatively.

Mark Rosenfeld handles every type of DUI case. He utilizes his experience of more than 15 years for the benefit of the DUI offender to fight their criminal charges. He assists clients in exploring the defenses and fights to preserve his clients’ constitutional rights.

A DUI conviction can permanently mar your record and limit your future opportunities. This is why it is vital to retain the best DUI defense lawyer you can. No one wants their life impacted by one thoughtless and unintentional lapse in judgment. The right attorney may even help avoid the DUI conviction altogether so the person can continue to live life normally.

During a Culver City police stop, individuals are afforded not the slightest margin of error during the police investigation of their case. The police officer is not on their side. The officer will only look for the incriminating aspects to build a case against the driver. Many DUI defense lawyers suggest that a person should not comply with all the commands of the officer when they are being investigated. However, this does not include refusing to provide a chemical sample for testing; otherwise, their driver’s license can be suspended for a year or more. Attorney Mark Rosenfeld focuses his practice exclusively on the defense of California DUI charges. By doing so, he is uniquely qualified to recognize the many refutable components of a police stop and subsequent DUI arrest.

DUIs are an embarrassing and life-changing event for the individual. A DUI arrest is a humiliating ordeal, and a criminal trial can be time consuming and extremely confusing to the layperson. When an individual is facing serious DUI charges, there is no question that they need a defense lawyer with experience and passion to handle a DUI case in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Have you been recently arrested for a DUI in the Culver City area? Attorney Mark Rosenfeld offers potential clients a free initial consultation. You don’t have to face a DUI charge on your own. Contact his office today at (310) 424-3145 to learn how his proven defensive approach can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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