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Did you know that a DUI conviction remains on your criminal record for the rest of your life? If you are facing a DUI charge in West Hollywood, California, then the first call you should make is to our team of legal and scientific experts at MR DUI LA. We are experienced in defending California DUI cases.

MR DUI LA, Mark Rosenfeld, provides legal representation to anyone charged with a driving under the influence charge in West Hollywood, California. Mark is the founder of MR DUI LA and has been providing legal assistance to people who have been charged with DUI in West Hollywood, California, for more than 10 years. He focuses on DUI defense and has gained extensive knowledge and experience on how the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station handles DUI cases. By focusing his practice exclusively on DUI defense, he has also gained significant insight into defending drunk-driving cases. Over the years he has represented countless DUI offenders in court successfully.

Whether you are facing a simple DUI charge or an aggravated charge, you need professional legal representation in court. Without proper counsel, you have almost no chance of winning a case. Our criminal justice system is harsh in punishing offenders. Once your DUI charge becomes a DUI conviction, you are facing hefty fines and penalties, including a permanent record as well as possible jail time even on the first-time DUI.

MR DUI LA Attorney Mark Rosenfeld - California
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Mark Rosenfeld has handled DUI cases involving alcohol as well as drugs. A simple DUI charge is usually a misdemeanor, but cases with multiple DUIs or those involving accidents are often charged as felonies, which have harsher penalties. Mark dedicates significant energy and resources to stay current with any changes in the ever-evolving field of DUI law. He continually improves his knowledge by staying abreast of the latest scientific developments in DUI cases.  Attorney Rosenfeld also lectures throughout the state on DUI topics.

A DUI arrest can be a frightening experience. If the deputy suspects that you are driving while under the influence, they will interrogate you, ask you to submit to a blood or breath test and even submit to field sobriety tests. If you fail to comply or if the deputy deems that you performed poorly on the sobriety test, you are arrested, taken to the sheriff’s department, booked and put behind bars.

At the West Hollywood station, the offender is fingerprinted and photographed and treated like a criminal.  For any person, this is a disturbing and humiliating experience. You may think that the officer treated you unfairly or rudely, and you will be angry at the system as well. Some people simply panic and have no idea what to do. Inaction can be devastating, and it is a serious mistake to underestimate a DUI charge. It is imperative to understand you should act fast to offset the potentially crippling consequences of a DUI conviction, which can include loss of your driver’s license for months or even years.

Without proper representation, you can easily find yourself in even more trouble than you originally thought possible. Some people simply decide to plead guilty or represent themselves in court. They have no idea that such a move can cost them their career as well as their reputation. This decision is also more expensive than hiring a lawyer—as you will ultimately have to pay heavy fines, court fees as well as insurance and other costs once you are convicted with DUI.

If you are facing a DUI charge and are reading this page right now, then we can offer you hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel because you are not one of those unfortunate people who made the critical mistake of not seeking professional counsel.

Contact Attorney Mark Rosenfeld today if you are looking for an affordable and experienced DUI attorney in West Hollywood. At MR DUI LA, our practice is built upon protecting the rights of our clients. We know that anyone facing a DUI charge has already undergone an arduous ordeal. Don’t let one unintentional act determine the course for the rest of your life. You need the right law firm to shoulder the burden of defending against this charge. Our first plan of action will be to take the necessary steps to make this difficult process less trying for our clients.  Call (310) 424-3145 to schedule or in-person meeting at our Beverly Hills office, just minutes from West Hollywood.

MR DUI LA Attorney Mark Rosenfeld - California
Get your questions answered - call me for your free, 20 min phone consultation (310) 424-3145

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