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Are you facing a recent DUI charge? Searching for an experienced trustworthy DUI defense lawyer in Santa Monica is not as easy as you think. At the Law Office of Mark Rosenfeld we assist individuals who are arrested for DUI in Santa Monica. Our practice is exclusively devoted to DUI defense. With more than 15 years of experience in legal representation, Attorney Mark Rosenfeld has successfully defended many DUI cases and protected the rights of individuals charged with DUI.

There are a large number of DUI-related accidents in the Santa Monica area, and drivers involved in such incidents may face charges in addition to the DUI. It is imperative to retain an attorney to defend not only the DUI but other charges as well. Multiple charges can quickly escalate into a serious criminal matter. You must retain the right attorney as soon as possible to preserve valuable evidence and begin building the appropriate defensive strategy.

Attorney Mark Rosenfeld is dedicated to defending DUI cases. By staying current with DUI laws and the latest scientific advances, he is uniquely qualified to use the right defense for his client’s benefit. All DUI cases at the Law Office of Mark Rosenfeld are handled by him, personally. No case is ever delegated to a junior associate because Attorney Mark Rosenfeld understands that a single wrong move or an overlooked piece of evidence can lead to devastating results.

If being arrested, booked and taken before a judge isn’t embarrassing enough, a DUI conviction is public record, and a conviction negatively impacts the individual’s future opportunities. A person conviction of DUI may lose his or her job and have great difficulty finding employment. However, by choosing the right legal representation you have a greater chance of mitigating the potential consequences of a DUI and, in some cases, may have your case dismissed outright.

Are you worried about the expense of legal fees? When the stakes are this high, you can’t afford not to have the best attorney available defend your DUI. Oftentimes, a DUI can entail a significant loss of driving privileges, in addition to costly fines and even jail time. Don’t face a DUI charge on your own and don’t underestimate the potential consequences of a California DUI conviction. Now is the time to contact Attorney Mark Rosenfeld office serving Santa Monica at (310) 424-3145.

To best defend a Santa Monica DUI, your attorney must know the Santa Monica police department policies and procedures as well as the equipment and instruments used to investigate and prosecute a DUI. Santa Monica has their own police department and prosecutors, but they rely on the sheriff’s breath and blood testing equipment.


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